Paul Walker Feud Haunts Vin Diesel

Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Fast & Furious 6" World Premiere - ArrivalsVIN Diesel “hates” himself for feuding with his Fast and Furious costar Paul Walker.

The actor is riddled with guilt over the tragic November 30 death of Walker, but he doesn’t want to pull the plug on the billion-dollar franchise.

Diesel, 46, deeply regrets the petty squabbles and egotistical clashes that ruined his once-close rela­tionship with Walker, 40.

Diesel desperately wants the blockbuster series to keep on rolling. He’s on board with Walker’s younger brother taking his place in the wildly popular movies.

(PICTURES: Paul Walker’s burned body in wreckage)

“Vin is shattered over Paul’s death,” a pal told the National Enquirer.

“He’s broken down in tears several times and said he wishes Paul would just walk in the door, tell him this was all a bad dream and forgive him.

“Vin has told friends he hates himself for feuding with Paul and feels terribly guilty about how he treated Paul while he was alive.”

Meanwhile, Paul’s friends aren’t happy with Vin.[imagebrowser id=1334]



  • Lanna Love Actuallyhappened Bu

    tht’s so sad I <3 Paul Walker vary much n I'll miss him as well R.I.P

  • WazzaRashid

    These stories aren’t true. When is says ‘Pal’ or ‘source’ it’s not true. They were good friends and they loved each other. Vin hasn’t said this stuff and besides, google pictures of them both. Looks how happy they are when they’re together. These people are stupid and they’re just tryna get publicity for their websites.
    Wazza Out!

    • WazzaRashid

      And Rest In Peace Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

    • Griffin25

      These websites are never true and in the fast and furious movies Paul Walker was always Vin’s half brother and they have always looked happy together in pictures plus they always had each other’s backs(so suck it ya fool’s)Rest In Peace Paul Walker!

  • Elmo

    One article says that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s mother helped comfort each other after Paul’s death because Walker was Vin Diesel’s “other half”. This article says they hated each other. Which is it, Adam? Media sucks.