Paul Walker Dead Body in Wreckage Pictures: Shocking Photos Appear Online — See Here

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

PAUL Walker and his buddy Roger Rodas really didn’t stand a chance.. as these shocking photos prove. These are different photos.. see the ones we published earlier… [imagebrowser id=1340]

Walker and Rodas died after a special-edition Porsche crashed into a light pole, two trees and a sign noting the street’s 45 m.p.h. speed limit.

The autopsy, which was completed Tuesday, took longer than usual as the bodies were so badly burned. The coroner had to rely on dental records.

The autopsy revealed Paul died from combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.

Rodas, died from multiple traumatic injuries.

The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner conducted an autopsy on both bodies on Tuesday. Both deaths were ruled accidents. A toxicology analysis is still pending and could take weeks to complete. [Picture source]


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    They thought they were invincible, and because of their ignorance they bit the dust pretty hard.

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      How disrespectful of you, you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that! He was not in the driver seat, in case you haven’t been paying attention. People like you are jerks!

    • Jake

      Well said, Roger Rodas should not have been driving like a maniac and this tragedy would not have happened.

      • Caron

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  • Taylor spelling

    Paul is and always will be my best friend. .We will miss you..See you in heaven with the other angles soon..

    • Guest

      So if they found him laying on the other side of the car. He was able to get out of his seatbelt then??

      • lburn11

        Some people are posting on other websites that there is a video where you can see someone trying to get out of the car. If it is true, that would have been Paul because according to the autopsy results, Roger died on impact. I have not seen the video myself so I cannot comment. Personally I would have preferred it if he would have died on impact. I can’t imagine how much he would have suffered. RIP Paul and Roger.

      • shannondede

        I saw the video you are referring to once but cannot find it again on YTube. It did have a shadowy figure that was eerie in the flames but appeared to me just to be an illusion created by the mixture of black and white smoke. The Police reviewed the video and made a statement that they believed it was just the effects of the cars burning roof. It was only a Shadow Figure of black in white smoke that was shaped like a head and shoulders. I think just an image thing but certainly not an actual person.

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    if that really is a body and the photo was taken at the crash i think it is Roger’s body i doubt that is Paul’s body because he was the passenger his body would be on the other side on the right side closet to the tree

    • ali

      how are you confused about this…the photo is being taken from the street, thats why the cop and the firetruck are before the car, the passenger side hit the tree, the tree is on the far side of the pic, the drivers side is closest to the street. The blue body is the driver, the red body (paul) is the one closest to the tree

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    May he rest in piece

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    Worker in Waffle House said to cook when calling out an order this morning at 4:30am. “Paul Walker the Bacon” Shame what America is coming to. Shame on Waffle House for allowing behavior like this. Disgrace.

    • Rhonda Baker…

      omg are you serious the guy said that? if he did shame on him im sure hed rather not feel what its like to burn in a car with clothes on that melt to your skin. he needs to grow up. r.i.p paul and roger. paul walker was an inspiration in my life and i will stick up for him any min any day of the week…(that cook needs to bake like bacon)…

      • shannondede

        I completely AGREE with you. Yes, sadly the woman who took our order called that out and it was rather packed. I wanted to walk out but I thought leaving her a note instead of a tip would be more to the point which is exactly what we did. The saddest thing is that her comment garnered several laughs throughout the place. It’s just a cold reminder what this world has come to and what we live in every day. People like that have no compassion because they are too envious which says even more for Paul and the Few men like him that remain in this horrible world. You are correct, we have to be mindful of everything we do, it may not come back on them but rather someone THEY Love.

  • Anna

    That cannot be them because their bodies were taken away in the morning and this picture is at night. Their bodies are kept in top secret places only to be seen by those who want to do an anatomy on them that’s it. Poor guys, Rest in peace :(

    • Captain Obvious

      LOL you mean “autopsy”.

      • Jordan Kerman

        Thanks, Captain Obvious.

    • Flipside

      Morning? The crash happened at 3:30pm PST

    • Jessi

      The crash happened in the afternoon. They aren’t allowed to move the bodies until a coroner gets there and everything is situated. This had to be when they were uncovered to be taken away. Top secret? It’s called a morgue where the bodies are taken care of. Beyond depressing.

    • rayne

      they took the bodies at night. i seen a video on youtube with a coroner van and they took them.

    • PineappleGirl

      There is a video that clearly shows this same photo and the coroner there. This is so sad. I feel bad for his family; work and home family. RIP Roger and Paul

  • Anonymous

    Fucking morons….. sensationalism and suckers born every SECOND. Not bodies, just pieces of burned wreckage. Get lives people. Stop believing everything these crap so-called “journalistic” rags tell you. These websites are the whores of the ‘news’ world. They’re the same as ALL of the Kardashian females. Just dirty whores.

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      Morning? This happened in the afternoon. The time gram and picture seem accurate.

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        Hey juan Martinez, this is David Tegen and I like your post its true hearted shit and all these shit talking little fuckers out there can suck a fat dick. Paul walker was seriously an awesome person who did more honest anx respectful things in his time than any of them will ever do. R.I.P. paul and Rodas. May u both be in a better place.

      • Juan Martinez

        Hey David, yea man it’s just so heart breaking the way they died,,,,and it’s sooo sad how this other jerks are posting stupid comments about them.. They have no dignity. Just reading the facts about Paul Walker, he just wasn’t any other actor but someone who was actually humbled and actually loved and cared about people. God bless Paul & Rodas family..

      • Zeeshan Zelbalocce

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  • abe

    , just because Paul Walker got killed as a result of a very dumb decision, like getting in a super car with someone else strictly for testing its limits on a city street, does not mean no one is allowed to call things as they happened. I liked Paul Walker, but if it was anyone else all of you would have said they were stunting and they deserve the outcome, but we say to Paul Walker you weren’t at fault at all for getting in that car to go speed, … RIP

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  • Haru Love

    Those are the bodies. They had to be there all day and were removed later on. This has to be when they uncovered them to take them away. This is just depressing. One of my biggest inspirations has been taken. R.I.P Paul. Some of you guys commenting have no respect.

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    • Deputy Dawg

      I’m just not getting the whole inspiration thing. Fast and Furious were not even remotely realistic as far as the vehicle and engine dynamics are concerned, as well as the driving. It’s just a big hype-fest for people who think their daily driver vehicles are race cars and the road is a race track. If anything, THIS PHOTO should be inspirational. This is what happens when you drive like a moron. If you want to drive fast, do it on the track.

      • Edie

        Maybe they meant the humanitarian work the guys did not the driving. Its people own responsibility to drive with common sense. You cant blame the movie. At least in the movie they are in a controlled environment and they tell you either at the beginning or end of it for folks to not try to repeat things shown in the film. You don’t know how they were driving.

  • Beanspeak

    Haha, not such a good looking, handsome, all-American now, are you Paul? You deserved this for making so many shit Fast and furious movies and making the world suffer through them. Now you’ve suffered the fires of Hell!! I wonder what the last thing to got though your mind was, other than shards of glass and Porsche bodywork? Haha. I bet you sizzled while the car burned, like so much pork crackling. This is what happens when a Hollywood retard thinks he’s invincible and let’s his dumbass friend drive the car.

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  • bdog

    why is everyone woried about pau; walker and not the man who died with him and now you takeing your frustrations out on other people that is an abomination

  • jt

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  • Just_Me

    Whoever posted these pictures should be ashamed of themselves!!! My thoughts and prayers go to the Walker Family & FF Family #RIP PaulWalker

    • vernon

      Just me, but I think the people who clicked on the link (you) to see the dead bodies are just as bad as the person who posted it, but that’s just me (yesI include myself). Shame on you for wanting to see their dead bodies, ssshhhaaammeeeee on you, and my thoughts and prayers go to walkers family for not only having to deal with his death, but sickos like you who get a kick out of his death photos, but makes himself feel better about it by acting like the POSTER is the only bad one. SHAMMMMEEEE ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Deputy Dawg

      Two simple words from Walker could have saved his life: “Slow down.” Boom. Life saved. I have no pity for those who die in crashes like these.

      • Carrie

        Shut up! It’s a shame you could not die!

      • Deputy Dawg

        So if they ran into and killed a van full of kids, would you still be all butt hurt about Paul Walker? They call it RECKLESS DRIVING for a reason. They don’t consider the well-being of anyone else on the road. Oh, but I forgot… Paul Walker was a multi millionaire, so only his life is significant. Cry me a river.

      • Edie

        Paul wasn’t driving.

      • GK

        how do you know he didn’t say slow down? those might have been his last words!

      • uRaDUMBASS

        they have also said there were issues with the car stupid thats why they took it out!

    • Anonymous

      Yet you looked? I’m not going to lie I came here to look, we all did.

  • the man upstairs

    I don’t know why any of you care so much about a stranger. None of you knew the guy personally, so why care when some troll makes an rude comment? is it sad when someone dies? yes. Is it sad when its your favorite actor? yes. but most of us try not to make it personal like we just lost a loved one. We just hear news of paul walker died and move on.

    • Readie

      Well said man.

  • Travilicious

    Who’s Paul Walker? Why do you people care? He was driving like an asshole and deserved to die. I wish all the asshole, lane changing, traffic weaving dickheads would burst into flames. Maybe then it would be nice to “go for a drive” again without worrying about who’s tailgating, who’s going to go zooming past, or what asshole crashed and clogged up the road.
    In one month you’ll hear Paul Walker and say “oh yeah, didn’t he die of something?” None of you really care, you just want to bitch.

    • Edgar

      ThanK yoU! if it were some unknown guy people were making fun of , you wouldn’t be defending him, but since he’s famous, OHHH, now it matters

  • Aaron

    Id have to say that would be a body. If you looks everything else is burnt black other then that skin colored that looks like the outline of a body. Plus in other photos you can see a brown sack looking bag covering a certain part of the wrecked car and its actually covering that general area as the pic shows above.

  • Franko Nero

    That is what is happening when you rich, but can’t drive for shit !!!

    • Alana Martin

      he wasn’t driving dumbass

      • Anonymous

        He was going for joyride dumbass and has said he reached speeds of 180 on highways. He is not innocent liked to speed himself and this is what they both wanted to do that day. He also liked to “date” children so just because he is dead don’t act like he is an angel now and Mr. innocent never did anything wrong.

      • shannondede

        A resounding “I HEAR YOU”. The fact he has been built up so “God” status takes some of my compassion away. After all, there are many innocent and good people who die each day without so much as a mention or anyone to visit their grave.

  • sad

    Makes you appreciate everyday. You never know when you’ll be waking up to your last day.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t take these post anymore. It just gets more depressing. Pretty sure Paul or Roger wouldn’t want they death photos exploited like this. Sure they don’t want peoples last memory of them looking like this.

  • Anonymous

    I curse everyone who has disrespected the dead.

  • CriticXtreme

    I’m still waiting for find out why they crashed!!!!!!! How come no one has found the car’s black box that’s under the driver’s seat? How come no one has take pictures of the path that lead to the creash?

    • shannondede

      According to the newest reports as of today the 18th, speed was the ONLY factor in this accident. They are waiting on Porsche’s Company Rep’s to come to CA next Month to review the data in the car’s computer which apparently, was the only thing to survive the accident. I guess we will have to wait until then to find out for sure. It said it will tell them many things besides the car’s speed at impact. Also, Rodas had successfully manipulated the car out of the curve prior to the accident.

    • Elmo

      Something you may find interesting: shortly before walker died(I don’t know exactly how long but I want to say a week or so), the tv show “family guy” had an episode in which a popular character, a dog named Brian, was hit by a car and died as a result. ( they would later bring him back in a Christmas episode.) Paul walker’s character on fast and furious was named Brian, and both deaths involved cars.

  • Kyle

    I don’t what the fuck those fire department were doing till the bodies burn this bad,because it’s not a soo big flame. As I know Hercules road have soo many security cameras that owned by government ,for emergency procedures .but fire rescue team arrived there after at least ,10 minutes ,that’s sucks. If they can’t survive Paul and Rodas life’s ,they even have to get bodies out in good condition .i think bodies burned in that car more than 2 hours, wtf ,if this happen to Paul ,what will they do to us.blame on fire rescue team! Rip Paul and roger!

  • Richard

    Why, put this on the net? It is sickening to know some people thrive on this. Death is not funny, it’s an atrocity. And our Gov. thinks guns is a problem, they should start evaluating people in these forums.

  • Ian

    If this picture is real (and I doubt that it is, since it looks photoshopped), then that would’ve been Roger Rodas, since Paul was sitting in the right side of the car, not the left.

  • nasra

    i’ m sorry but this a real picture is not a fake and also you can find in this video at minute 1.01 and you will see in the video the body of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas burned.

  • Zeeshan Zelbalocce

    i am killer ,,,,,,,///// R.I.P

  • tay

    if that is their bodies , its very disrespectful to their families for anyone to post these pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nate

    I don’t see Paul’s body in a position that he tried to get out of the car. Maybe his leg was trapped. Maybe he was paralized. He had to have been deceased from the time the fire began i am pretty sure he didn’t suffer. This is so sad.Paul and i are the same age i loved him when i first saw him on who’s the Boss :(

    • Sleepless

      Sorry Nate but if you look at the video of the first car on the scene you can see a dark shadow of a body thrashing up and back trying to get out. He was burned alive. I wish I would have never seen that video … I haven’t been able to fall asleep at night. My first question for GOD is going to be “WHY?”

  • heather

    Can anyone see the four faces in the picture?

  • Kayde1234

    Yes they had yo be left for hours as the bodys were also too hot :( not about some one processing them online and selling them for money disrespectful

  • Anonymous

    I’m not going to lie I came here to look, we all did. I’m not going to act all outraged like a hypocrite because I clicked on it and look so stop with the fake outrage.

    • Anonymous

      This is why they post this and sell it because it gets so many viewers and we are all curious and look. You wanted to look at his post so stfu attacking him being a hypocrite.

    • shannondede

      Finally someone is at least honest as to why they came here. We ALL came here to see exactly what was in the headlines of the article. At least you were honest. Everyone acts all holy with their fake outrage. I too came here out of morbid curiosity. I don’t know if these are real and at this point, I am really questioning the whole event. People just DON”T question anything anymore. We are lied to in ways we can’t imagine. I wanted to see proof but I didn’t find it.

  • rach

    is this them or a fake one..? sorry if so thats sick, why take a pic thats so rude… and sad to see..

  • star

    No sympathy for those who speed, thank god they didn’t kill anyone else!!!!

  • sam

    Paul and his friend were two great guys. R.I.P.

  • missb

    I can only make out the one body. What the hell is the outline of the other as it sure dont look like a body

  • paul walker lover 1

    cissell who are you talking to and if you are talking about paul walker he was a good guy and he shouldn’t have died he has a 15 year old and another baby

    • pjn

      What other baby?

  • 31415926536

    It’s so sad because I prefer my Paul Walker steaks rare and not well-done. But look on the bright side: at least he got into the Christmas spirit early by decorating a tree with his car.

    • shannondede

      (quiet & shamefully she wrote)……he he he.

  • Saros7

    Doesn’t really look like the actual photo… Just looks like trace out of a stick figure… I don’t see any bodies, just a mangled mess of a car… Fake photos.

  • paulwalker

    shut the fuck up pussy he is dead and let him rest in peace fuck the media fuck all you haters fuck all the cock sukers saying all that shit abought him